visioneering / by Simply Irene

I’ve been starting and restarting for some time now. This time though, something is different.. 

“Like Nehemiah, you have a destiny to fulfill. God has placed before you opportunities and responsibilities that are brimming with divine significance.

He has given you gifts, talents, and relationships that are waiting to be exploited on behalf of his kingdom. You have a multifaceted mental picture of a preferred future. You have a vision.

But as Nehemiah’s story demonstrates, it takes more than imagination and passion to make what could and should be a reality. 

[Nehemiah was faced with a situation that did not look hopeful: a city of ruin, a crestfallen people. A cup-bearer to the King, Nehemiah had a vision from the Lord. The walls of Jerusalem had been torn down, the people of Judah had lost hope. They were at the brim of more attacks from their enemies. But God. Nehemiah may not have know how, but he knew WHO. He prayed solemnly, and then followed the plan God laid out for him to rebuild the wall. He gave hope to God’s people, because he believed in the vision an was willing to work for it. ~Book of Nehemiah]

A vision requires more than a singular encounter with God. For even those experience where he clearly births an idea in your heart will not provide you with the tools nor the momentum necessary to see it through to completion.

Visioneering requires patience, investigation, and planning. Visioneering requires faith in God’s ability to work behind the scenes. Confidence that he will orchestrate what he has originated. There will be seasons when you feel like you are making little if any progress. In those times it will be easy to get distracted. This is when you must join with Nehemiah in declaring, “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down” (Nehemiah 6:3). Whether your visions are family, ministry, or business oriented, they require constant attention. Stay focused."

I’ve been starting and restarting for some time now. This time though, something is different.

I’m in an interesting space in my life. Interesting is that word that no one ever wants to hear because it neither means good nor bad, it just IS. Hence why I find it a perfect word. 

One thing I will say is, in this space one thing I am, is: G R A T E F U L.

Not because I understand everything, but because in moments such as this, where I pen my experiences, I realize how good God has been to me. 

There’s a shift happening, and as you journey with me you will catch my day-to-day apprehensions, my triumphs, my developing views, and most importantly my growing relationship with God. 

The opening paragraphs of this piece are important to me because I am in the space where I believe the vision is clear, but I STRUGGLE with the day-to-day. Understanding how everything I do leads up to the vision leaves me with both optimism and trepidation, with regards to the role that I play in fulfilling The Vision. But I am present, an active learner, and I am seeking His wisdom. I've committed to learning more about waiting.